About Us

David Richmond is a freelance Investor Relations Consultant.  Dave started IR Consulting in 2012, focusing on a select group of Micro Cap Companies.  He immediately began to increase their public exposure and drive up interest in the investment community, which included investors, analyst and other interested private parties.
Dave’s professional background allowed him to transition seamlessly and successfully into the IR arena.  He is a former United States Marine, licensed Insurance and Mutual Fund Representative with MetLife, Regional Sales Manager and USPTA  Elite Certified Professional Tennis Instructor.  Dave’s professional history has taught him the core values he now incorporates into his IR Consulting and expects from the companies that he represents.  Those core values are discipline, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.  The result is an IR Consultant that can effectively manage and communicate information to the public pertaining to the client company’s operations, managerial organization and financial standing.
The following is a synopses of the Richmond IR client list.  In November of 2012, Richmond IR began to work with a Chinese based company named Tri-Tech (TRIT).  During the succeeding 12 month period, Tri-Tech experienced a stock volume increase of more than 50% and stock price increase from $2.00 per share to a high of $10.00 per share.
In 2013, Richmond IR helped bring in additional buyers to Rockwell Medical (RTMI) that funded $65 million for the company.  The result was a rise in stock price from $3.00 per share in March 2013 to $10.00 per share in October 2013.
Also in October of 2013, Richmond IR began consulting with a Canadian based company, Methes Energy.  Highlights over a one year period included:  Three separate seeking alpha (a platform for investment research) articles, trading volume increased from 20K to 5MM shares trading on several occasions.  Average volume spiked at times to 20K per day, and stock prices attained a high of $5.00 per share.
Lastly, Richmond IR Consulting began work with another Chinese based company named Recon Technology (RCON) in July of 2014.  While the contract was brief, volume was raised quickly and price share increased from $3.75 per share to $5.00 per share.
Richmond IR Consulting has a proven record of enhancing the profile of the companies with a wide range of investors.  Richmond consulting prides itself on selecting companies that can outperform the competitors over time and thus has a wide audience internationally and domestically.  Whether it is preparing and disseminating news releases, non-deal roadshow, quarterly conference calls, or arranging calls and meeting for financing, he has demonstrated a history of success.